home care elderly - Our Story

After coping with multiple conditions with our parents that included: heart attacks, diabetes, cancer, dementia and a severe brain event, and in light of the difficulties we encountered in order to find useful information to ease the situation, today we aim to help and facilitate the process of home care for a loved one because when we had to go through the process, we did not find anyone to help to ease the process. Over the years, we have accumulated a lot of experience, so now our goal is to assit other during this process

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Vacation WIth KIds Org - Our Story

One of our love in life, is travelling arround the world - so once we found our shelf becoming young parents for the first time, with a beutifull baby, we were sure we will have to suspend our travells for many years. After cosulting with friends, we learned that there exist few “brave” parents which continue the life as usuall.
So we’ve started investigating how to continue our travells with out taking any risk. Well actualy, we should have prepared much better but we were lacking a full reccomendation list which could assist us preventing some of the rocky mistakes we did. . During our travels we learned that if we prepare for most situation and use commun sense, the vacation can be a fun expirience.
So, from the moment our baby girl was 1 year old, we’ve continue our travelling abroad journey - this was 6 years ago. Now, we got a new family member waiting to join our traveling journey - our 4 month baby.
During the yearls we have accumulated a lot of experience and insights about vacations with kids, so we’ve decided to share our knowledge and assist parents to succed to plan vacations with kids.

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